Botswana 2 Namibia


Date: 10th May 2013

Border Post:  Ngoma

Exiting Botswana
1. All formalities completed in one small office with 3 counters.
2. First desk, the immigration official took down our details. He was out of Arrival / Departure forms so we had to give him the information verbally. He was very friendly and chatty.
3. Next, complete the infamous large register with driver and vehicle details. Seems that all border crossings in Africa love this book!
4. Lastly, we visited the customs counter, where the officer was well accustomed with the carnet and completed it.

We were first in the queue – while we were completing formalities, a group of 5 vehicles an about 8 Namibians entered! The little room was crammed!

Next up, we had to cross the bridge across the Chobe River. The bridge had picnic tables for you to enjoy the view! In no-man’s land!!

Entering Namibia
1. A largish building in comparison! While we were completing our Arrival / Depature forms, the 8 Namibians – who had already completed their forms (cunningly beforehand) – entered. However, the immigration officer was so efficient that she had stamped all 8 of them into the country before we even completed our forms! Our stamps into Namibia were equally quick.
2. Next, over to the Customs desk for the carnet to be processed. The customs officer was also familiar with the carnet, and so she completed the necessary very quickly.
3. Lastly, as we drove to the exit gate, Viking Explorer had to go into a little booth to sign the infamous large register with driver and vehicle details.
4. Then, we were let loose into Namibia.

Another efficient border crossing. We were through in under half an hour. Once again, not a fee to be paid.

The only formality we still needed to complete was to purchase our road tax for Namibia. This had to be done at the Office for Cross Border Payments at the Total Fuel Station in Katima Mulilo – about 65 km away. The cost for this was N$220 for 3 months and was completed quickly by a very friendly man who suggested that we include Swakopmund in our travels around Namibia.

If only all border crossings were this pleasant. If only.

Comment:  it turns out that we shouldn’t have stamped the carnet as we stayed within the customs union that is South Africa, Namibia, Botswana

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