Mauritania 2 Senegal


Date: 1st January 2013:

Border Post: Diama Dam

Our border crossing into Senegal via Diama Dam was remarkably smooth – especially compared to our somewhat challenging 10.5h ordeal getting out of Morocco and into Mauritania. All in all it took us about 1.5 hours, including insurance. Waypoints at the bottom of the post.

Here is what we did:

Exit from Mauritania

  1. The first stop is with the Police to ensure your vehicle is exited from Mauritania. He did this by writing the vehicle details into a book. He then wanted to charge us 3000UM for the pleasure, which I asked for a receipt for. He couldn’t give me one, so he told me to proceed to the next step without paying. Don’t think he was pleased, though…
  2. The second stop is Customs. Easy process to stamp the vehicle out of the passport and close off the Passavant. He asked for 4000UM/€10 in stamping fee, which he got, as we wanted the passports back.
  3. The third stop is Police again, to stamp us out of Mauritania. This was a super friendly guy, that also asked for vehicle docs. After stamping us out, he also asked for 4000UM/€10 in stamping fee, which he got, as we wanted the papers back and to exit.
  4. The last step was to have an argument with a representative for the local council that wanted 500UM in “council tax” for the use of the road. I felt kind, so he received his money.  To be fair, he was the only one to give us a receipt.

Entry into Senegal

  1. After exiting Mauritania you cross the river between Mauritania and Senegal on the Diama Dam. This incurs a crossing fee of €8. Cheeky, but at least you get a receipt and change in Euros…
  2. Next stop is the Police on the right as you enter the border. He was super friendly and wrote us into the country in his book and stamped our passports. He also asked for €10 in stamping fee, which he got, as we wanted our passports back…
  3. Final stop in the formal procedure to enter Senegal is Customs. There has been lots of writing about Passavant vs. Carnet, and about hassle if your vehicle is more than five years old. We entered the Customs house with our Carnet, and 15min later we exited with a completed Carnet page that allows us to stay in Senegal for 3 –three – months! No need to go anywhere to extend a Passavant or to have the Carnet completed – all done at the border. Fantastic.  And – surprisingly – he didn’t ask for a stamping fee.
  4. Then we formally entered Senegal
  5. Last stop – and this proved important to us – is the Insurance. Just after the Customs house there is a small house on the left where you can buy refreshments. The lady that runs this also sells insurance. We bought a Carte Brun valid for 2 months for the region (Senegal, The Gambia, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin – and others), and changed some money in the process.
  6. Done. Drive to Zebrabar to get your first cold beer after dry Mauritania. The insurance you ask? First police check after the border they asked for our Passavant and Insurance. The guy was very disappointed when we gave him the Insurance docs and our Carnet!

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001 FUEL N18 06.075 W15 57.774
002 TOTAL FUEL N17 59.514 W15 58.506
003 POLICE CHECK N17 56.324 W15 58.831
004 POLICE CHECK N17 55.636 W15 59.132
005 CUSTOMS N17 51.330 W15 58.935
006 POLICE CHECK N17 50.632 W15 58.918
007 POLICE CHECK N17 43.154 W15 59.447
008 TIGUENT N17 10.486 W16 02.901
009 POLICE CHECK N16 47.401 W16 05.931
009a Option 1: 145 from NTT Road and N2 N16 47.373 W16 05.972
009a Waypoint 1 Road N16 45.248 W16 07.607
009a Waypoint 2 Road N16 42.285 W16 09.898
009a Waypoint 3 Road N16 41.650 W16 03.288
009a Waypoint 4 Road N16 39.819 W16 05.449
009a Waypoint 5 Road: Go to 014 Waypoint 4 N16 39.146 W16 12.319
009b Option 2: 160 from NTT N2 and Road N16 36.511 W16 07.666
010 Waypoint 1 N16 36.052 W16 14.669
011 TURN LEFT TO AVOID VILLAGE N16 35.839 W16 09.878
012 Waypoint 2 N16 33.932 W16 15.597
013 Waypoint 3 N16 33.704 W16 13.633
014 Waypoint 4 N16 33.252 W16 14.231
015 POLICE CHECK N16 31.816 W16 14.298
016 POLICE CHECK N16 31.389 W16 16.272
017 Waypoint 5 N16 26.610 W16 18.973
018 Waypoint 6 N16 23.881 W16 20.382
019 Waypoint 7 N16 20.194 W16 21.561
020 POLICE CHECK N16 18.560 W16 23.820
021 Waypoint 8 Border N16 12.801 W16 24.912
022 TABA HAMETOU N16 08.111 W16 24.690
023 FUEL N16 03.622 W16 24.984
024 Waypoint 9 N16 01.593 W16 28.716
025 GANDIOL N15 53.831 W16 29.904