Morocco 2 Mauritania


Date: 26th December 2012

Exit Morocco

  1. Obtain departure fiche from man sitting on right of entry to Moroccan border post.  You shouldn’t need to pay if you are filling in the form yourself (which is really easy) so don’t part with your dirhams.
  2. Enter the Moroccan border post with vehicle.  Get out of vehicle
  3. Join passport queue to get exit stamp in passport (left hand side of road).  The passports were put in a row on the rock shelf outside the passport window.  Although one person can hand all the passports in, everyone needs to show their face to receive their stamped passports back (drivers too)
  4. Now, take passport plus vehicle import / export papers and find the man wandering between the cars.  He needs to check the papers, see the vehicle and sign the back.
  5. Now, on the right hand side of road go up to the Douane office to get the official stamp on the export / import papers
  6. Back into your car and drive forward … then hop out of the car again and join the queue for the office on the right hand side of the road.  Bring all passports and vehicle documents.  The man writes the details in a book – no idea why.
  7. You are now let loose onto No Mans Land

Cross No Mans Land – 5km of rather rough terrain.

Enter Mauritania

  1. Park on the right and go into the office on the left with passports AND A FICHE with the vehicle chassis number written on
  2. Customs man now comes to the car to check for anything to declare.  Don’t be tempted to part with any money or gifts to him.
  3. Back to the car and drive forwards a bit.  Vehicle owner take passport and vehicle papers up a little embankment on right hand side of the road.  The office you need is on the left.  No carnet – just pay your 100 dirhams for the Passevant (valid for 7 days).  Car stamped into passport.
  4. Drive forwards again.  All people need to present themselves in the office on the left, with their passport for an entry stamp.
  5. Drive forwards a bit – and part with 20 dirhams tax and vehicle registration number noted down by a man.
  6. Finally – exit!
  7. But, stop immediately on the left for the vehicle owner to buy mandatory insurance.  10 days cost 12,000 UM.  Western Union is conveniently adjacent, and exchanged euros as needed.  Although it isn’t a great exchange rate, get a few extras ouguiyas.  We struggled to find a working ATM for a few days, or a Bureau de Change open.  There is a police check shortly after leaving the border, and they check passevant and insurance.  You’ve been warned.


Well done.

You’d really like to have a drink, but you’re now in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, and the customs guy relieved you of all your alcohol …

Oh yes … we managed all of this without a helper.  Be firm.  Is it possible.

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