South Africa 2 Botswana


Date: 26th April 2013

Border Post: Platjan

We crossed at Platjan borderpost, one of the quieter borderposts, although we didn’t entirely realise how quiet until we got there.

Exiting South Africa
1. The policeman came over to the vehicle to take down our details, all very friendly. We asked him where customs was, as they needed to stamp our carnet our of South Africa. He said we should ask Immigration to do it. If not, he would make a plan.
2. No queue at the little immigration office – just across the road. The officer stamped our passports, but had no idea about the carnet and referred us back to the policeman.
3. We showed the policemen how to complete the carnet, told him to take the middle piece and send it to customs. He was very accommodating, fetched a stamp from the immigration office, and said he’d call customs to find out what to do with paper.
4. No money asked for at any point. We were on our way!

Next up, we had to cross the narrow – 3m – causeway across the river.

Entering Botswana
1. Only 1 office on the Botswana side. We needed to complete an Arrival / Departure form.
2. Then our passports were stamped, and we needed to complete our details in a large register.
3. The customs man appeared from another office and filled in a book with our vehicle details, then we showed him how to stamp the carnet.
4. Lastly, we had to pay 140 Pula for Insurance, Road Tax – all receipted.
5. We were asked if we had anything to declare – by which he meant alcohol – and asked us specifically about beer, wine and spirits.
6. Duly answered, we were on our way again.

From the looks of the register we needed to complete, this borderpost seems to be frequented by mainly Botswana residents. It was a quick, friendly, efficient process that took about half an hour. We were the only ones there.


Comment:  it turns out that we shouldn’t have stamped the carnet as we stayed within the customs union that is South Africa, Namibia, Botswana

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