Zambia 2 Botswana


Date: 28th September 2013

Border Post: Kazangula

In our discussions on how to reach South Africa we were unsure about using the ferry at Kazangula. We decided to go have a look, and if it looked OK have a go.

Exiting Zambia
Arriving at the border post it is a bit confusing to see where you need to go. Don’t worry about the trucks lining the side of the road; drive past them until you reach the border post.
1. Park where all the money changers and fixers point you. This does not constitute an agreement to use their services. The immigration building is just inside the fence, and the customs desk is next to the immigration desk. The immigration officer stamped us out no issues, and we headed over to customs.
2. At customs we presented the carnet which was stamped no issues.
3. Passport and carnet stamped we collected the vehicle and went through the gate into the ferry terminal. I parked right inside the fence to go buy the ferry ticket.
4. The ticket office was not immediately obvious, so I asked the security guard and he took me to the ticket counter. Three minutes later I had my ticket.
5. The last step was to pay the community tax. This is done in the building next to the ticket office for the ferry.
6. All paperwork completed we could now drive down as close to the ferry as possible. We were waved to the front and parked off on one side. Here the final check of the ferry ticket and community tax took place.
7. We had to wait out one ferry, but since there were two operating our wait was less than 15min. The crossing was quick, and we were soon over on the other side.
The money changers are many and would like your business. Research the exchange rate beforehand to avoid being caught out as we did.

Entering Botswana
1. We exited the ferry and followed the road to the parking lot. The immigration building is on the right hand side, and contains both immigration and customs.
2. We filled in the immigration forms and were given a 7 day visa. Not an issue as we were only travelling through this time. Easy.
3. We then moved to the customs counter to have the carnet stamped. Easy.
4. Last step was to pay for the third party insurance, carbon emissions, and road accident fund. This is all bundled into one piece of paper and paid for to the left of customs (a hole in the wall). Easy.
5. Just as we were about to exit the customs official outside the building stopped us… Nothing to worry about – we just had to exit the vehicle and wipe the bottom of our shoes on a mat. This is done to prevent the spreading of the foot and mouth disease. Then we could leave.
Total time spent at the border was about one hour fifteen minutes. This included the ferry crossing. Our crossing was early in the morning and off season. We could easily see how this can be a very stressful and chaotic border crossing when only one ferry is working and lots more people want to cross. We have heard stories of six hours wait to cross…
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