Happy New Year!

Today, was really the day we said “why not”. Today was the day that we really decided it was time to embark on the big adventure. As of Today, it is no longer “one day” that we head out on our big adventure … wow!

As of today, we are 8 months away until we leave … double wow!

We are feeling very excited about the adventure, and the more we research where we want to visit, the more the adventure comes alive – it isn’t just admin and planning and planning. At the same time, there is so much we need to do before we hand over the keys to our house and climb into the truck to head out. I have this sense of urgency, that I need to take care of … well, something, anything! I feel that we aren’t doing enough right now, and that the last weeks and months before departure will be hectic, so surely there must be something I can do now to take the pressure off later?!?!

And so we drink coffee, talk, make lists, talk some more, make some decisions, make more lists, and continue planning away. I have to trust that all this planning we are doing at the moment will reap benefits later, and that we won’t be completely run off our feet in the last weeks.

We are immersing ourselves the big clean out – which will certainly take the pressure off later. It hasn’t been that long that we have been stationary in one abode, and yet the possessions have quietly multiplied – unhindered – in the cupboards, bookshelves, under the bed. So far, we have one large suitcase and one large bag of clothes together with 2 boxes of random items all ready for a car boot sale when Spring rolls around. There is still lots more clearing out to do, but realistically, some really does have to wait until closer to departure.

This time of year also brings out the reflectiveness in us, and our desire to make a difference, to make a contribution, is forefront again. So, we are contemplating what we can do and where we can get involved on our adventure. We have started putting out feelers, so hopefully we’ll find a project that reflects our passions.

And in all of this, reality is never far away. Today, we watched as Nigeria declared a state of emergency following continued unrest. We are monitoring this and many other happenings in Africa.

It’s 8 months (or 35 weeks) and counting …

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