La Linea, Spain

Remember that feeling?

As a kid, everything was so exciting and new.  You had to run everywhere to see it first.  See it now.  And you’d be running as fast as you could, and there would be this fence in front of you, with all this unknown possibility on the other side.  Not a very high fence, mind you, just enough to reach up to your chest.   You’d hurtle towards it, bang up against it, and your shoulders and head would lean over, while you stood on tippy toes.  Whooaa!  This sudden stop, while you come face to face with all the newness on the other side.

Remember that feeling?

Exciting.  Scary.  Disorientating.

That is what the run through Europe has felt like: mad rushing until we reached the edge of the continent and suddenly stopped.  Whhhooaaa!  The newness of North Africa a mere handful of miles across the water.  Just there.

Now, we are boldly taking the next step.

We have had the good fortune of meeting Noel and Ping, who are doing on the same journey as us.  We’re similarly excited, similarly nervous, so we thought we’d hold each other’s hands (so to speak) and take the next step together.

This week has seen each of us complete our preparations, and tomorrow is the big day.  The plan is to meet at the ferry terminal early in the morning, to head over to the African continent together.

As for me?  I am treating this as a 2 month holiday in Morocco.  Not thinking further than that.

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3 Responses to Hurtling

  1. Heather says:

    Ahh – good luck guys. Thinking of you often xxx

  2. paul and cathy says:

    great blog guys, been following you since the show and it all sounds very exciting!

    good luck wih the next stage!

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