Interior starts taking shape

The weeks are starting to fly now! ?This last one has been impressively speedy.

First up, we launched our new website! ?The previous version was created using a online software provided by our host. ?As a complete novice, it was very useful in getting a website up and running quickly, and provided a reasonable amount of functionality. ?As the website grew and grew, I realised there was so much more I wanted to do with it! ?I wanted to let my creativity out of the box. ?So, I bought software and took time to recreate the website with a bit more flair to it! ?I hope you like it.

I have also been exploring forums to gather more information, meet fellow travellers, and share our experiences with. ?Thanks to everyone who has been chatting to me!

On the vehicle front, the interior storage system is taking shape. ?The front consol has been replaced with a more spacious version – and very importantly now includes cup / drinks can holders!

In the back, the first layer of the storage is successfully making the transition from paper diagram to real world! ?The design has space for 4 Wolf boxes / ammo boxes with 2 purpose built drawers for the middle. ?This was constructed using 18mm plywood. ?The plan is that heavy, seldom used items will be in this bottom layer: spare parts, our food pantry (i.e. tin cans not needed daily) and similar. ?A coat or 2 of varnish should also extend the life of the plywood.

The sewing projects continue too. ?The current project under construction is a set of car seat covers. ?Keep an eye out next week for more details of progress.

And it’s 25 weeks to go.

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