Into the studio

Each journal update, I start off by asking Viking Explorer what we have accomplished during the previous week. ?We scratch our heads, and try and remember what happened from Monday – which by Sunday evening doesn’t even feel like the same week!

Our fun for the week was an hour (or so) in the studio of BBC Surrey radio. ?We joined Graham Dene in a slot called “Tea for Two” and had a relaxed chat about our trip: why, what, where, when … We enjoyed sharing our story, and hopefully we have inspired others to follow their own dream.

One of the questions Graham posed was what we want to do when we we return, and whether this trip will form part of it. This has been a question floating in my mind, but more in a panicked “Are we going to find jobs?!?!!!” rather than a pondering “How can I incorporate the trip in my work life when we return?”. It remains an interesting questions, and I while I am not sure how – exactly – I’ll be able incorporate the trip as my ‘work life’, I’ll let my sub-conscious come up with a plan while we are “adventuring”. I am sure there will be opportunities to write for magazines, maybe a book, holding talks, help organise an overland show? Other ideas welcome!

Enough waffling – the audio will be made available once we have a copy.

What else have we been up to?

Our storage for everything that isn’t coming with us, is almost sorted. Rates are agreed, but somehow the form to fill in to sign-up has me completely flummoxed! I’ll get some help this week … but it is agreed.

In days gone past, it took a community to build a barn and “raise the roof”. Well, while no barn-building was involved, it still took a community to raise the roof(rack) and install it on the vehicle. It looks brilliant! We ordered a long roofrack – 2.5m from Patroit – but once on the roof, we definitely had space for at least another 10cm either end. However, that said, it is probably sensible not to have the extra space … then the kitchen sink would have been packed! In the coming weeks, the roof tent needs community support to be installed.

Brodie had a morning having the transmission checked over (again). Reassuringly, the transmission specialists reached the same conclusion as Toyota. However, the vehicle needs to return next week to be repaired.

The majority of other work this week has been around packing. ?Or rather, around reducing what we have. ?Everything in the house now falls into 1 of 4 very well defined categories:

– to pack: essential for the adventure – can’t do without it, will use it loads. ?This absolutely should not be confused with “store”!

– to store: we still want the item, but don’t think that it will be of much help on the adventure, and we think we’ll still love it when we open the box and see it in 2 years time. ?I’ll report back in 2 years how we did on this 😉

– to sell: ?we don’t think we’ll love it 2 years from now, but it is still in good enough state for someone else to love it. ?This pile is growing rapidly as the “store” pile shrinks … Selling online and another mammoth car boot sale are on the cards.

– out: no real use to anyone … ?gone.

We also have created a few (more) boxes with friends names. Anything we think they’ll have use for is added. So far, so good: friends seem happy – or just go home and throw it all away!

We are making good progress with this system. Our clothes and books have been reduced even further, and we are inching closer to having everything categorised and sorted.

Amazon continues to be far too good of a ‘friend’ as we sourced a few more books for the adventure. ?Birding it an enjoyable hobby of ours – particularly while walking – and so we added “Birds of Africa: South of the Sahara” by Ian Sinclair.

Last but not least, I have made my “boozy fruit” for fruit cake which will join us on the trip. Good quality cognac will ensure the cake is well preserved!

Anyway, that was our busy week – flown by in a blink. ?7 more to go – a mere 49 days.

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6 Responses to Into the studio

  1. Et says:

    Last week my wife and I took a week off to clear the loft in anticipation of our trip to Oz. I took a very similar approach to you regarding the 4 categories, with an additional rule “if it takes more than 5 seconds to decide which category, it goes to the tip”.I think my wife is using a more elaborate system. We need another week off to finish the job.

  2. African GirlChild says:

    I like the 5 second rule! As you well know, some items only need 0.5 seconds to decide!! Our loft is virtually empty now – just a few remaining boxes for electrical items that will be sold. It has taken us a while to do it evenings and weekends … but I vow never to accumulate that much again!! Best of luck with the rest of your trip prep!

  3. Sara says:

    Wow… congrats on the interview and the shop, good luck on “sorting” stuffs out, reminded me that I have to do that too… ah the list is endless, but I’m sure it all be worth it.

  4. Vic says:

    This is great, guys. It reminds us that we need to start with our de-clutter already, before we run out of time… You are truly an inspiration…

  5. African GirlChild says:

    Vic – So glad we are inspiring you.. it is definitely worth starting the declutter! I couldn’t believe how much was hidden in various cupboards, shelves etc. There was certainly a great deal of multiplying going on in the loft – I don’t remember hiding that many items up there!!

  6. African GirlChild says:

    Sara – yes, always lots of sorting to do! It really is worth it, and the feeling of being “unshackled” from the majority of our wordly possessions is liberating! We should have done it sooner …

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