It is a small world! (sans gremlins)

(including the missing bits …)

Merzouga, Morocco

It is a truly small world! Read on, and I’ll get to the point…

We have been in the southern part of Morocco for about 10 days now. It is “dead season” here – right inbetween the two major tourist seasons of late summer (Aug-Oct) and Dec – so there are not too many tourists milling around. After our encounter with Aziz in Zagora (whom Peter from Atlas Overland uses) we had a good giggle about how small the world is. Little did we know.

As described in the previous post we had a fantastic couple of days driving across the desert very close to the Algerian border. We arrived in Merzouga where we managed to fend off half the local population trying to sell us accommodation – of which there is plenty. The number of Auberges and Kashbas around is staggering and because of “dead season” they are somewhat empty. We found ourselves a nice little campsite where we will be staying for a couple of days to do some laundry, some blogging, and some cycling.

Yesterday afternoon we went in to the centre to do some shopping. Oddly most stores were closed so we only got about half of what we needed. Today, after a chilled morning we headed back in to do the last bit of shopping. Arriving at the town “square” we immediately spotted the two Landcruisers parked there, and the very bearded Frenchman working on one of them. The Cruisers were both adorned with stickers all over, and some of the stickers looked vaguely familiar… I went over to say hello and saw that the guy had a t-shirt with a logo for the Breslau ralleys. This made me make the connection about the stickers: Chris, whom I bought the water tank and the fridge from is also the PR man for the Breslau ralleys. I asked the bearded guy if he knew Chris? “He is sitting over there having tea”, was the answer!

Anyhow, we wandered over, and sure enough, it was Chris.  They were about to head off to continue their recce of the latest addition to the Breslau calendar – Breslau Morocco 2013 in March next year.  They were very keep for us to join in on the event, but we sadly had to decline as we should (hopefully) be in Ghana by then.  Just enough time a cup of tea, a few photos and everyone set off …

So, whenever you find yourself in a small desert town in the south of Morocco, don’t be surprised if you come across people you know.

Viking Explorer

(PS if you are interested in the event, do check it out here! Breslau Morocco 2013)

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  1. tuggy says:

    very interesting….might like to see this rally and march is a good time to go and see it….think i will get a trip up….


    • African GirlChild says:

      Tuggy – that is a fab idea! From the recce they were doing, it looks like they will include stages in the north-east area you have been interested in. I believe one of the stages is a long loop (start and finish in the same place) so could work well for you to watch. I am sure if you need more information, Chris would oblige – just remember to mention us! Rgds

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