It’s here, the book is here!

It’s here!  Really it is!  After tackling the writing, and the technical challenges of publishing, the book is finally available on Amazon. Your support during the writing and now for the launch has been amazing.

Here is a little snippet for you to whet the appetite:

“We drove south to M’Hamid for an unquestionably touristy visit into the dunes. The scenery gradually changed as we reached the edge of the Sahara Desert, with friendly notices along the side of the road reminding visitors of the fragility of the environment and to be ever respectful. Although being far from other civilisation, the little town of M’Hamid teemed with agencies selling ‘authentic’ trips into the desert and a chance to climb up Erg Chagaga, the tallest dune in Morocco. After deliberating, we decided to splurge on the tour. Both of us harboured visions of isolation, just us and our guide in the vast Sahara Desert.

We set off with our guide squeezed into our vehicle in the direction of our camp for the night. The driving was varied through the proper desert territory. Soft sandy stretches gave way to vast open plains, bushes and trees in places. We stopped at a little oasis (the guide needed a smoke break) and were ‘treated’ to see an antelope of sorts being held within a small walled enclosure. My heart broke. Not a life for a wild animal. While waiting at the oasis, we noticed the first of other 4x4s which suspiciously appeared to be travelling towards our supposed isolated desert location.

The camp nestled at the base of the dunes and we pulled into the parking lot alongside a few other vehicles. Our guide showed us our accommodation for the evening: one in a row of traditional tents made from woven carpets which retained heat impressively well. As the sun slowly descended to the horizon, our guide suggested that we climb to the top of Erg Chagaga to enjoy the sunset. We joined about 20 other tourists who likely also felt robbed of their isolated experience. From the top of the dune we counted ten other camps in the greater vicinity.

Adjusting our mindset and trying to angle our camera shots to fool ourselves into believing we were alone, we sat and watched the sun set over the Sahara Desert. It was spectacular. It was poignant. We realised we were living our dream. Sitting on top of a dune, turbans around our heads, we hugged and smiled. We felt so richly rewarded by our courageous leap.”

So, you can give me the best birthday present ever (yes, my birthday is next week) by doing the following:

1. Rush out and buy the book! Please click this link to find the book on You can also search for ASIN: B00SPV9ACK on other Amazon websites.

2. And read it too. You can find out how I celebrated my birthday while on the road. An interesting affair in … (well, I wasn’t going to spill the beans was I? You have to read the book … )

3. Please leave a review on Amazon. A fair one would be appreciated.

4. Also, let all your friends (and acquaintances and enemies too) know about the book by sharing this blog post.

5. Maybe buy the book as a gift for someone?

If you don’t own a Kindle, never fear. You can download a piece of software for your PC –> click this link here.

For Android devices, please search for “Kindle for Android” in Google Play.

For Apple devices, please search for “Kindle for iPad” in iTunes.

Many thanks again.

best wishes from African GirlChild and Viking Explorer

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  1. LocoCoyote Overland says:

    Unfortunately the book seems to be available only on Amazon UK. Any plans to offer it elsewhere or provide alternate ways to buy it?

    • African GirlChild says:

      Hi LocoCoyote. The title is available for download as an ebook on almost all the Amazon websites, including .com,, .ca, .fr, .de, .es, .nl and .jp. Please search again for “For the love of Africa an overland adventure” and you should find it. Happy reading!

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