Last stop in Namibia


It had to come to an end.  Our time in Namibia has been incredible, and we have only really scratched the surface of what there is to explore, see and experience.  But there is much of Africa waiting for us – so onwards we must continue.

Our last stop in Namibia was in Katima Mulilo, the town closest to Welena border post into Zambia.  There is a wide offering of accommodation, but we wanted somewhere not too far from the border post, near to town for our last chores, and suitably relaxing.  Our pick was Caprivi Houseboat Safari Lodge (and camping!).  The owners – Koert and Zirka – were welcoming, and before long the vehicle was parked in the shade of a tree and we were parked on the deck over looking the mighty Zambezi, beverage in hand.

It was such a relaxed atmosphere: honesty system at the bar; bonfire in the evenings; wifi to keep the blog going.  There are also chalets, and they offer a variety of trips along the river.  The ablutions are quaint and charming, and everywhere is swept, clean and tidy.

There is also a delightful pack of dogs at the lodge – and as a definite non-dog person, that is quite a statement.  Viking Explorer – aka Dr Doolittle – was in his element!  In no time he was having fun with the 3 black Labradors, 1 elderly Great Dane and a black Great Dane puppy, and another tan mix.

We had a few chores to take care of while in Katima Mulilo.  First, African GirlChild was in desperate need of new underwear!  Pep stores had enough of a range for replacements to be found.  We also wanted to change money from Namibian dollars to Zambian Kwacha, but you can’t actually get kwacha outside Zambia so that was a fail.  Lastly, we wanted to stock up on provisions before going into Zambia.  Of course, there are supermarkets and markets to be found in Zambia, but it is likely to be more expensive.  Mission accomplished.

At this stage I noticed that Viking Explorer was slightly green around the gills, and not his normal bubbly self.  We decided that an extra day of rest before tacking a border crossing and the pot-holed road to Livingstone was wise.  Our delay resulted in us meeting up with Pieter & Elize (travelling in a Toyota Hilux) and Brian & Annette (travelling in a Toyota Land Cruiser).  These 2 South African couples have been “stalking” us since Roy’s Rest Camp, where we had all been camping.  They also stayed at Mobola Lodge when we were there, and now again.  Finally, we had a chance to have proper sundowners and relax and chat: first on the deck, then around the campfire.  Of course, the compulsory tours of the vehicles took place.  We compared travel notes – their route taking them through Botswana and back into South Africa.  All in all, we had a really lovely evening.

A most welcome surprise was that Elize is a hairdresser – and never leaves home without her tools of the trade.  And so, African GirlChild had a fabulous haircut under the stars – much to the giggles and delight of a small band of onlookers.

Zambia awaits …


(please see the link under ‘Border Crossings’ for details on Namibia to Zambia crossing)

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