Meet us

Come and meet the intrepid explorers …


Viking Explorer (aka Oyvind)

Job Title: Chief Adventurer 

Chief adventurer and head driver, head of procurement and official film maker. Born and bred a Viking. Although more accustomed to snow, ice and freezing temperatures, he has adequately adapted and learned to love the heat of Africa. Looking forward to leading the team south.



African GirlChild (aka Sheelah)

Job Title: Chief Explorer

Navigator and co-driver, official wordsmith and head seamstress. Born and bred in Africa. After living and working in far flung lands, the time has come to heed the Call of Africa and venture south.

10 Responses to Meet us

  1. patrick gilligan says:

    I plan to follow your progress on the website Kapp to Cape
    It will seem along way from London 2012 and our Volunteering !!!
    Kind regards Patrick

  2. African GirlChild says:

    Thanks Patrick! I will have such fond memories of our time volunteering! Do keep following our progress – remember to sign-up for updates to be delivered to your inbox. Also, please feel free to share our story with your friends and family – we hope to inspire many others to follow their own dream, whatever it may be …
    kind regards

  3. patrick gilligan says:

    Hello Sheelah
    I will be having lunch with some close friends on Wednesday at a country pub,I have printed a copy of your
    website and sharing it with the Guys
    Kind regards

  4. Will be waving you off at the Overland Show in Oct….. All the best and I will be watching your adventures…..

  5. African GirlChild says:

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for your note. Do make sure to come past and say hi at the Adventure Overland Show – not just wave us off 😉 It would be great to hear about what you are up to too! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog!
    kind regards

  6. Lynda Kuit says:

    What an amazing adventure! Have the greatest of fun, be careful and be safe. Make sure to take your malaria-smarties :-). Will be checking your site for updates.

  7. African GirlChild says:

    Hi Lynda!
    Thanks for your note. Yes, it just had to be done 😉 Yes, we intend to be careful and be safe – do keep up in your prayers and send us good thoughts! Yip – got loads of malaria smarties – I think we start taking them in Mauritania, and don’t stop until we cross the Orange River into SA!!!
    Remember to “Suscribe” if you’d like trip updates delivered directly to your inbox!
    take care

  8. John Murphy says:

    I missed what was the reason for your vehicle to be transported by container. Clearly it worked out which was good news.

    Very best of luck in your travels. We had a good time in Africa culminating with a stay in the Royal Livingstone Hotel where at breakfast a small herd of zebra casually stroll across the grass in front of the hotel by the river.

    The Zambesi and the Falls were wonderful as was the helicopter flight along the river at water depth. Dinner on the river going in to the setting sun, drinking gins and tonic, was memorable.

    Good fortune favours the brave.

    John Murphy

  9. Andrew Schuster says:

    Just thought I’d drop you a quick note to say hello. I hope your adventure is exactly that. I expect there are energising days and tiring days, but all are Great when you take on such a challenge.

    We hope you are keeping healthy and happy
    Andrew and Steven, London

    • African GirlChild says:

      Thanks for your note! We are loving the adventure – hope you are enjoying following it. Keep well on your side, African GirlChild

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