Midweek update

With it having been such a productive week so far already, I thought I would capture it all before I forget what we have achieved.

I was transport-less on Monday, so used the day as “get it done” day.

First, I patiently sat and hand stitched the remainder of the zip for the rooftop tent. It should now be strong enough to withstand the journey through Africa. I also feel confident that should it be necessary, I am able to replace any other mosquito nets by hand while on the road. I also took the opportunity to wipe down the tent both inside and out. Once dried, we packed up the tent and moved it back into the under-stairs cupboard.

Next up, I had a chat to Howling Moon about a replacement mattress. They were very helpful, but unfortunately do not have a replacement in stock, or one arriving soon. No problem. I called around to a few companies who custom make mattresses with covers. I found a very helpful gentleman at “Foam for Home” who will provide a standard piece of foam of correct depth (which Viking Explorer can cut to size) and a mattress cover made to size. The upside of this is that the offcut pieces will provide the last foam pieces we need to packing the bicycles on the roof. Perfect. I’ll place an order once the Olympics are finished.

A removals company came to inspect what we have left to store, and arrange for a storage quote. We realised that the hard work of reducing our belongings is starting to payoff! ?The quote came through today – not toooo eye watering, but there certainly is incentive to keep on minimising, minimising, minimising… I have also contacted a few other removals / storage companies for comparative quotes.

Then, off to visit the estate agents and arrange for more photos of the house. They were suitable impressed at our general high level of organisation – very flattering. We hope to see the house advertised soon, and tenants agreed in not too long.

Not quite done, I have been in touch with a journalist from our local newspaper about sharing our story and hopefully inspiring others to follow their own dream, no matter what it is. We’ll have to wait and see what materialises. In addition, I have been in discussion with local radio. We are booked to join them in studio after the Olympics. Very exciting – and similarly we hope to inspire others.

Last, but just as important, I bought lottery tickets for the big draw on Friday. 100 UK millionaires! I’ll be one, thanks.

And in amongst all this, I have been to work and volunteered for the Olympics!

And so we continue …

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  1. Sara says:

    Wow, That’s alot of work, between the prep, work and volunteering, well done.. and please don’t forget me if you win the lotery 😉

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