Obtaining visas

Obtaining visas is a vital part of any adventure.  This links below will provide you with information on our experiences of collecting our various stamps and passport stickers.

In general, travelling in West Africa required visas to be obtained in advance from embassies along the way. In southern and East Africa, the majority of visas were obtained hassle-free at the border.

Please scroll down to see the visas obtained, where we obtained them, costs and any other relevant information.

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  2. trevor says:

    hello…… i saw ur entry on Horizon unlimited….. i am in Ouarzazate just now…… head to \marakesh and then rabat, get this visa and head south…. am back packing. i went to Dahkla before but the visa at the border had changed the week i got there, 2009 that was….. i did not have long holidays so i did not go to mauri. now i am on my way to Cape town too……. am unsure how the holiday season effects the embassy issuing visas….. i guess the 1st will be closed…… may be the other reports from last week was the manic Xmas rush… lets hope they still do same day issue….

    may be we meet up…….best wishes….. trevor…… and happy christmas!!

    • African GirlChild says:

      Trevor – good luck getting your visa. It isn’t too bad – just get there early! We’ll keep an eye out for you on our travels. Happy New Year!

  3. Amy says:

    Hi S and O.
    Reading your blog/web page is just wonderful!
    My boyfriend and I are pretty much doing the exact trip as you in June/July this year…..we are super excited and reading your info is helping us tremendously!
    A quick question…what passport are you traveling on? I am traveling on a SA passport and finding that getting a Moroccan visa to be quite a mission, I am marrying to avoid going back to SA for visa’s, so any info would be wonderful!
    Thank you so much…..and good luck with the rest of your travels!
    Amy and Ollie

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