Date obtained: 12 December 2012

Location & waypoint: Rabat, Morocco; N33 58.838 W006 49.839

Address: 6, rue Thami Lamdawar, Soussi, Rabat

Cost of visa: 340 DH (34 EUR, 25 GBP)

Visa validity: 30 days

Visa valid from: date specified on application

Requirements: Passport, copy of passport page, copy of entry stamp into Morocco (not officially a requirement), application form, 2x passport photos

Time to issue: same day

Process: The official opening time for the embassy is 0800, but the queue starts before 0600. On arrival we wrote our names against a number on a piece of paper at the entrance. We arrived at 0600 and were numbers 26 and 27. Our suggestion (strong) is to have all the paperwork ready before arriving as applications are scarce and the queue moves quite quickly once the embassy opens. Although there is a shop about 200m away that can copy and take photos it only opens sometime after 0730. The lodging office is a small “hole in the wall” and the man behind the glass did not really care who we were or our attempts at greetings. Push the paperwork and money through and make sure you get the piece of paper that has your lodging number on it. Then find something to do until 1500-ish.

At 1500 the queue to pick up the visas has already formed. Stand in line and collect your visa when the office opens again, officially at 1530.

We filled in what we could on the form, and left some boxes blank. Remember that this is a form for Mauretania, and doesn’t have anything to do with Morocco.

There is a helper there that charges a bit of money to fill in the form. With basic French this is not needed.

Accommodation: This is a residential area with no facilities. If you are happy to sleep in your car you can do so outside the visa office or in one of the other side streets. If not, find a cheap hotel for the night before and night after and take a taxi to the embassy. There are no campsites around, and wild camping will mean you have to drive in when it’s dark and out when it is getting dark.

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