Date obtained: 2nd September 2013

Location & waypoint: Rwandan High Commission, Kampala, Uganda; N0 20.180 E32 34.904

Cost of visa:
For SA passport: free at the border
For Norway passport: US$30 for single entry

Visa validity: 30 days

Visa valid from: date indicated on application form

Requirements: passport photo, copy of passport

Time to issue: three full working days (in the office it says that the visa will be issued within 72 hrs… what this means in reality is that it will take 72 hrs).

Process: we showed up as they opened on a Thursday morning, and filled in the application form. She accepted it and gave us instructions on how to pay the fee. We were then given a pay-in slip for EcoBank to go and deposit the money directly, before returning to the High Commission with the receipt of payment. I did not have a copy of my passport so did that at the same time. We were then given strict instructions to come back on Monday after 4PM. Monday at 3:15PM I went into the office and was told to wait “as we discussed on Thursday”. At 3:45PM she started processing my visa (which had been approved before I arrived). I walked out the door at 4:15PM with a nice visa sticker in my passport.

The nearest EcoBank branch is at the Garden City Mall (waypoint: N0 19.136 E32 35.525) where the paying-in process is very efficient. (They also do Forex.)

Accommodation: We stayed at the Red Chilli Backpackers which is about 8km away (N0 19.208 E32 37.800 at time of writing). Red Chilli are moving a bit further away on 23 September 2013.

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