Dates obtained: 13 June 2013 and 23 September 2013

Location & waypoint:

– Katima Mulilo Border Post; S17 28.039 E24 15.295 (crossing from Namibia)
– Mwani Border Post; S13 45.056 E32 47.765 (crossing from Malawi)
– Zombe Border Post; S8 41.246 E31 29.549 (crossing from Tanzania)

Cost of visa:

– For SA passport: free
– For N passport: Single entry is USD50; Double entry is USD80

Visa validity:
– For SA passport: 30 days
– For N passport: up to 30 days on single entry visa; up to 30 days on each entry for double entry visa.

Visa valid from: time of issue

Requirements: passport

Time to issue: issued on the spot at the border

– Crossing in at Katima Mulilo from Namibia was easy. Viking Explorer was issued with a double entry visa (stamp and receipt), and we were given 30days on first entry.
– Crossing in at Mwani from Malawi was easy. They had no issues with the double entry visa issued at Katima Mulilo, and we were given 30 days on second entry.
– Crossing in at Zombe from Tanzania proved to be a bit more tricky. Apparently the visa issued at Katima Mulilo was not the current type and the immigration officer threatened to send us back to Tanzania, even though the double entry visa was used and had expired. After much discussion we were begrudgingly given a single entry visa valid for 14 days.

The crossing at Zombe has two stages. Immigration at the border and customs at Mpulungu. Customs at Mpulungu must be done on day of departure/day of arrival. Immigration on entry to Zambia must be done at the border – we met other travellers who did not clear immigration at the border and they just managed to negotiate themselves out of a fine at Mbala.

– We stayed at Caprivi Houseboat Safaris in Katima Mulilo, Namibia, and at Jolly Boys Backpackers, Livingstone, when crossing in from Namibia.
– We stayed at Lilongwe Golf Club and at Mama-Rula, Chipata, when crossing in from Malawi.
– We stayed at Riverside Camping , Katavi, and Nkupi Lodge, Mpulungu when crossing in from Tanzania. Riverside Camping is far from the border, an alternative is the Moravian Community Centre in Sumbawanga.


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