Olympic distraction

So yes, the Olympics are underway! I now have every sport available as it unfolds … at my fingertips … dangerous. Much discipline will be needed.

In spite of the Olympics, progress continues.

Our blog is now up and running! We have opted for a format that is easier to update on the road than uploading to our website. So, if you’d like the updates delivered directly to your email inbox, please click on Subscribe to add your email address to our list.  Remember to tell your friends and family about it too!  We’d love to share our story and inspire them too!

The sewing machine continues to kept in service. This weekend my project was to make cushion covers for the cushions which will form our 3rd seat. This would not have been possible without fantastic customer service from Sew Essential (please head over to the Links page). I realised on Friday morning that I didn’t have the zips I needed for the cushions. ?I decided to reschedule the project until next weekend, but still went online to place my order. Imagine my surprise when I received a dispatch notice at the end of the day, and my order arrived on Saturday morning! And that was without my making a sweet-talking phone call.

Anyway, the cushions are now covered and installed in the vehicle. We officially have space for a visitor or guide … or random hitchhiker?!?!????

Not a bad end to the week – especially considering 2.5 man days were lost to Olympic volunteering …

It is a mere 10 weeks until we leave … 70 days and counting …

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