On being a cyclist

We ended up staying the rest of the day, and the following day in Bukoka with Tom & Jemina.  We joined them at the Spice Beach Hotel where the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful.  We were served casual breakfast on the terrace – eating off our laps in a camping fashion!  They made space in their tiny front yard for our vehicle so that the guard could keep an eye on it overnight.

Then, we experienced the world through the eyes of cyclists, with the different attention that they receive.  We went to find bicycle parts, track down spares, wander through markets.  They have the additional challenge of being on a tandem, and so needing good strength in the backwheel. It was eye-opening, and we have so much respect for the efforts they need to go to.

We also managed to see some of the sights of Bukoba: there is a beautiful cathedral, complete with stained glass windows.  We wandered through the produce markets, picking up fresh fruit and vegetables.

We checked out the little river, where there seemed to be rather an unusual number of marabou storks!  We had drinks on the beach together, and Jemina cooked us delicious beef fajitas!  Did I mention before what a great cook she is?!

We also took the chance to catch-up on some laundry – our clothes still soaked with dust.  The brown colour of the water attesting to the effective of the filtering capability of fabric 😉

Eventually, everyone was happy that a solution for the wheel was at hand.  Next morning, we packed up and headed for the border, making sure they knew where we were staying in Kampala … just in case.

(If you are interested in Tom & Jemina’s trip, please head over to www.opdentandem.net)

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  1. Margie Blake says:

    Sounds a lot better. Good for friends!

    • African GirlChild says:

      Yes – online support from friends and family is fabulous, but a friend to give a hug is such a blessing 🙂

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