Preparation progress continues

It feels like momentum is gathering, with a busy week gone by.

First, another trip to our local surgery for the second (of 3) rabies jabs. I am already feeling like a pin cushion, but we are reaching the end of our schedule – only 3 more to go and we are done!

Then – you just gotta love internet shopping! All the orders I placed last weekend were received in the first part of the week. Perfect. The only missing piece of the puzzle – the car seats are still with Footloose (as is the whole car …!). Anyway, they will hopefully return (with the car) in the coming week, and then the sewing can begin in ernest.

But the most significant milestone this week was the Outdoor First Aid Course we completed this weekend. I was apprehensive at the beginning about whether I would learn and remember everything, having not done a first aid course before. However, the course was delivered in a very interactive format – with no ‘death by powerpoint’ – and I soon found that I was remembering and retaining information. We also spent a good few hours outside enacting various scenarios – a particularly useful way to practice, learn and make mistakes in a safe environment. We also have a few more items that could be considered for our first aid kit. All in all, a valuable investment in ourselves. Something I’d definitely recommend.

27 weeks …

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