Recharging the batteries

Agdz, Morocco

We have been strangely stationary for a few days now.  It feels odd.  In a good way.

We are in Agdz, just on the northern end of the Draa Valley.  It was an unexpected relief to reach here: after 2 nights sleeping in the cold in the mountains, and 1 night of howling winds, Agdz blessed us with wall to wall sunshine, and heat.  Proper, comfortable heat.

Although the nights are still chilly (and the winter sleeping bags are still in use), the days reach a very soothing 25C.  Soothing for an African GirlChild.  We have relaxed, wandered in and around the village to browse and stock up on provisions.  We have been invited to numerous cups of tea – both mint and saffron – but have so far managed to avoid making any purchases (the natural assumption), though not to say we haven’t been tempted.  Unlike Istanbul, though, there seems to be a lot less animosity about not making a purchase.  We are also exploring what there is to eat!  Most food is bought in markets, although we have started to find more and more tiny hole-in-the-wall stores with a variety of wares.  Not a Tesco, Carrefour, Checkers or Safeway insight!

Laundry is finally coming under control (remember out blue tub washing machine?) as we can hang everything up outside to dry!  We have managed to wash the fleeces (which have had far too much use for a supposedly warm trip) which really needed the warm sun to dry.

Viking Explorer is speaking French like a native!  The classes he took before we left have certainly been invaluable, and he even received a compliment from a French lady (thanks M-H!!!).  I am starting to speak a little bit of French.  The French I did all those years ago in high school has not been completely forgotten, but my grammar must make a native speaker cringe.  One of the chaps at the campsite (which is also a bustling restaurant and café) has been very patient with me while I try very hard to untangle Norwegian, Spanish and French as I speak!  To be fair, this dialect I am probably picking up here may or may not resemble “true” French … only time will tell!

As with every adventure, we had never planned on staying here in this little town for quite so long.  It just sort of happened.  But, the people are friendly, the sun is shining, and we are recharging our batteries!

Tomorrow, though, we are heading to the Sahara.  Really this time.

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4 Responses to Recharging the batteries

  1. M-H says:

    Si contente que vous puissiez pratiquer votre français dans la réalité du quotidien… Profitez-en bien, ainsi que du soleil et de la chaleur !… Ici le temps est épouvantable: gris, froid et beacoup de pluie.

    Bonne route,



    • African GirlChild says:

      Merci! He is doing very well with his French. In the tourist areas, though, they are keen to practice their English 🙁

  2. Anne (TrundlingJenny) says:

    Hi Both
    Have at last caught up with your adventures, so by now you must be heading for the Sahara, I have changed my email to BT, so I should get everything coming through now. Ian has been keeping me up to date though. One thought crossed my mind, where are you planning to spend Christmas ? And can you skype, it would be great to skype you for the festive season !

    Looking forward to your next update, until then Keep Safe


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