Route planning under way

When we left the UK – in quite a rush of packing, storing, visiting as you may remember – we hadn’t done detailed day to day route planning.  We knew which countries we wanted to visit, and we had our trusty guide book.  We also chatted to people along the way, about what was worth seeing, what was worth avoiding, and did some internet research when we were in locations with internet access.

It worked well for us.  We had such fantastic experiences, and really enjoyed our travels and explorations.  And no, we didn’t get to see nearly enough of what we wanted to see – isn’t that always the case?

This time, we are trying a slightly different tack.

We have a bit of time on our hands at the moment, and so we are looking in more detail at which countries we want to visit, what sites and what national parks are worth stopping in.  With maps and magazines in hand, intermittent internet available, we have been hard at work.

The immediate realisation is that our original budget of £50 per day, that we ably managed to stick to in stage 1 for 4 months, has flown out of the window.  National Parks are expensive.  Eye wateringly so at times.  We are trying – as much as possible – to take advantage of the multi-tiered pricing structure (country citizen / country resident / SADC resident / international) to keep costs under control.  Camping is also certainly more pricy too.  Fuel looks to be about the same price, but distances are further.  I guess we’ll be eating pap and drinking water for the next stretch!

Our exciting news is that Kapp2Cape will be meeting up and tavelling with Global Adventures Crew ( in Botswana for about 10 days.  We are so excited!  We met Scott at the Adventure Overland Show in the UK before we left (Oct 2012), after having been chatting online for ages.  We made an agreement at the show that we would like do a trip together “at some point in the future” – little realising that it would happen within 6 months!  Hopefully the first of many.

So, for this next stage, we depart Johannesburg on 27th April 2013 – ‘Freedom Day’ in South Africa.  We’ll be joining Global Adventures in Botswana for 10 days, before we head into the Caprivi strip and their journey takes them southwards.  Next, we’ll complete a loop in Nambia before returning to Caprivi strip.  Our journey northwards then passes through the eastern part of Zambia (having done the west part a few years ago) and into Tanzania.  We will take local advice on Burundi (although it is unlikely we’ll stop) and then visit Uganda and Rwanda.  Anyone who’d like to sponsor our gorilla visit can drop us a note ;).

And that is about as far as we’ve got. We are hoping that on this stage, we’ll meet more travellers along the way and share more experiences together – so drop us a line if you’re in the area!

But, our learning from our previous stage is that everything changes once you’re on the road – so, our actual route may not resemble anything like this at all!  But at least we feel we have a better list of where we’d like to go and what we’d like to see.

And now … off to buy some more maps.

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3 Responses to Route planning under way

  1. Well as I sit here working on rotation in India in 38 Deg C heat, I can’t believe in a few days we will be off to Botswana! I planned this Botswana trip over a year ago, and I am just really looking forward to meeting up with both of you and exploring together for a few days. I will apologise now for getting us lost in the Kalahari! 🙂
    Seems like yesterday we waved you off at the Overland show!
    Now all I have to do is 24 Hours travel, 4 flights when I leave India on the 23rd April, and about a 5 hour time difference to content with back to the UK, then throw out my smelly socks, repack my bag again and then head off to Jo-Burgh to pick up the Bushlore 4×4.
    As you know I have worked a lot in West Africa, but never been to Botswana. Karl who is coming with me has never stepped foot in Africa……… hehehehehe………. I think he will enjoy the ‘experience’….. 😉

    See ya soon…!!!! 🙂


    • African GirlChild says:

      Scott – can’t wait to meet up! We’ll be holding your hand where appropriate and laughing our a$$e$ off where appropriate too!

  2. Vic says:

    The itinerary sounds really good. I reckon you’ll want to spend a lot longer in Namibia than you think. Etosha is wonderful, and there is plenty to see and do further south, the Fish River Canyon, Swakopmund, etc. Have you considered Zim and Mozambique? By the way, what sort of budget do you anticipate??

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