Short and sweet

Another week flown by, followed by a tiring weekend, so excuse the quick update:

We have finished our cholera vaccinations this past week, with the second dose of an interesting tasting effervescent drink. Tomorrow sees us complete our jabs with the final Hep B jab. Hopefully we have now given ourselves all the immunity we’ll need (or rather not need) while on our journey.

The weather kindly held out for us, and we managed to hold our second car boot sale. After another scan through the house, we managed to fill the Touran yet again. It was somewhat successful in that we did sell some of what we took, but not nearly as much as hoped. However, all funds are welcome! We’ll likely hold a third and final sale in late August / early September after which any remaining unsold items will head to the charity shop or tip.

We are continuing with selling our furniture, and have listed a few more items online – hopefully they’ll all sell this week.

Our library swelled by another valuable book: a bird book for Southern Africa! A late birthday present for Viking Explorer from our dear friends which is much appreciated.

Brodie has been booked in to the doctor. There is a “seep” and a “weep” on the transmission box which we thought better to take care of now before we start our journey.

Viking Explorer spoke to Patriot roofracks this past week. The roofrack seems surprisingly more ‘customisable’ than we had anticipated. This is good – but means we need to design what we want! We need to decide now about the layout of the roofrack – particularly the positioning of the tent.

Just a short one for this week! 12 more weeks to go …

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