Somehow, it is 5 months to go

I am not quite sure how it happened – we reached 5 months until departure. ?I looked back over the journal, to remind myself of what we have accomplished so far, and I have amazed even myself. ?The ideas are starting to take shape, moving from paper to real life … and back to paper and back to real life again.

Most importantly, though, we are having fun! ?This is something that is really ours – it truly belongs to us! ?We can decide for ourselves what we want to do, and how – and then change our minds if we want to! ?It excites me!

But there is still so much to do.

This week I had a chat to Paul Gowen at RAC about arranging the carnet for the trip. ?I have a much clearer idea of the process involved. ?We are opting for the insurance option, rather than the bank guarantee or cash deposit. ?We’ll also be arranging our International Drivers Permits through him. ?We’ll be sending our application form off in late June, which should give RAC plenty of processing time – even with the Olympics!

As for the sewing projects, the front car seat covers are finally complete. ?I have to confess, it was a lot more tricky that I had anticipated, and certainly a lot more of a fiddle. ?With other sewing projects, I have had a picture in my mind of what I wanted to do, and just got on with it. ?These car seat covers, on the other hand, have been a very iterative process. ?It has been quite slow, and even seemingly simple tasks – like putting pockets on the back – have taken time. ?Anyway, here they finally are!







The seat covers have eyelets so that the head rests can still be plugged in. ?The buckles around the sides should hold the seat covers in place. ?The back of the seat covers now has a variety of different sized pockets – books, pens and other little items can all be neatly stored for easy access. ?Perfect!

On the vehicle front, progress continued with level one of the drawer system. ?I took advantage of the long evenings during the week, and managed to complete the varnishing of the wooden drawers.

This weekend, Very Helpful Friend came over to lend a hand. ?He always asks the difficult questions that we don’t always ask ourselves, and serves as a good objective view on the proceedings. ?As a result, a tweak to the design of the drawer system for additional stability. ?This requires a little more construction, and more varnishing for me.

Having the right tools, the menfolk also completed the fitting of the loadguard – although the tweaking of the drawer design may require an adjustment to the loadguard. ?We’ll have to wait and see.

Until next week!

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