Spanish excursions

La Linea, Spain

So, here we are.  We have finally made it to the south of Spain.  On the whole, we kept dry and warm.

We decided on our trip through Spain that we would avoid the toll roads, and enjoy the more scenic routes the country has.  We also opted to explore the interior of this vast country, rather than follow the Mediterranean coast all the way down.

How rewarding.

Armed with our trusty ACSI camping guide, we were reasonably confident we could find open campsites along the way.  This gave us the opportunity to really soak up the scenery and get lost in the little towns along the way!

The scenery changed constantly.  We experienced green pine forests, Grand Canyon style dry landscapes, flat farmlands extending horizon to horizon.  Bright red soils were replaced by cultivated olive plantations.  Some parts reminded Viking Explorer of Norway, other parts reminded African GirlChild of South Africa.  The contrasts were fabulous.

Our first glimpse of the Mediterranean came when reached the coast at the sprawling city of Malaga.  What a shock to the system!  The sea looked calm and the sun was trying its best to peak through the clouds, but the Costa del Sol was a continuous stretch of tourism and commercialism.  Such a contrast to the relatively uninhabited interior of the previous 5 days.

We made a slight detour to visit Tarifa – which surely must be the on the southern most point of mainland Spain.  It was a hazy day, but I was pleasantly surprised that we could see the coast of Morocco across the water.  I never realised just how close it really is.  With a strong wind

Tarifa. Morocco just visible on the horizon.

blowing, we were treated to displays of agility by the kite-surfers (about 40-50) who were playing gracefully between the waves and the sky.

Then, off to La Linea de Concepcion – the Spanish border town with Gibralter.  Here, we are being well looked after by K&E as we complete our final preparations for the big step onto the African continent.

How are we feeling?

Viking Explorer is displaying his true Viking heritage!  He is eager and excited.  Ready to tackle Africa.

African GirlChild is feeling a real mixture of anxiety and excitement – hopefully displaying at least some of the South African Voortrekker spirit, but feeling quite daunted by the enormity of the task at hand.  Have you seen how big Africa is ?!?!!!

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10 Responses to Spanish excursions

  1. Nita says:

    Hey Guys, sounds so wonderful and jealous that you are getting some warmth…it is freezing here and the heating is up high:)! I am loving the viking and voortrekker spirit…what a combination…this is what is best about the human spirit…lead on…we are hoping to follow in your footsteps…
    with much love…and admiration…

    • African GirlChild says:

      Thanks Nita! Thanks for your kind words and thoughts … this feels like a huge leap, and I know we’ll be fine, but it is still a little nerve-wracking for the lady of the team 😉 xx

  2. Margaret (gemini) says:

    Great to hear (read ) you are so far south. It will be a huge step across the Med but you will both be fine. Which way are you planning on going down ? east or west? Had our plans come to fruition we would have gone west but had to take the flight route instead. Take care and look after each other but most of all ENJOY.

    We’ll keep in touch.

    • African GirlChild says:

      Hi Margaret. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, we’ll look after each other. Heading down the west after a good look at Morocco! And yes, do please keep in touch! rgds, African GirlChild x

  3. Phil & Jackie says:

    Hi guys, great to read your blogs to date…and of course looking forward to all the installments that will be forthcoming as you head South 😉
    Jackie and I are getting quite excited about the trip we are planning next year sometime…it would be great to share the journey with some like minded travelers…so if you hear of any please point them in our direction 🙂
    Have a great time we are very envious of the two of you, I guess you will be on African soil in the next couple of days…wow…thrilling 😀
    Take care and travel safe.

    • African GirlChild says:

      Phil & Jackie – lots of like minded travellers, and you’ll probably meet them on the road while travelling. Do have a look at Africa Overland Network (link on our website) to see other travellers. We have already met a couple who we’ll be crossing into Morocco and travelling with for the first bit. Exciting! rgds

  4. martin (Maddog) says:

    Hi guys,

    sorry I missed you at the overland show, sounds like you are having a great adventure though.

    I’ve booked my tickets now and am going to be in southern spain around 19 / 20th Dec, ready to cross over to Morocco. Any idea where you guys might be?

    I’m over there for about 3 weeks, before coming back via Portugal.

    If you are around, would be good to meet up.

    Good luck and safe travels.

    Martin (Maddog)

    • African GirlChild says:

      Hi Maddog! Would be awesome to meet up! Keep an eye on your email 😉 rgds African GirlChild

  5. M-H says:

    C’est très sympa et excitnant de vous suivre. Vous êtes courageux… Bonne traversée et… Take care 🙂

  6. Julia says:

    Great to read the latest news here… loving the images you paint with your words. Enjoy the next stages… I look forward to reading more here soon. Lots of love from chilly London. x

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