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  2. Jules says:

    Hi Sheelah and Oyvind

    Hope you enjoy your adventure and look forward to receiving your updates!

    Take care

    Jules x x

  3. African GirlChild says:

    Many thanks Jules! Hope you enjoy following our adventure!

  4. Paul and Cathy says:


    Best of luck at your trip of a lifetime!, we’ll follow with interest!

    Paul and Cathy.

  5. Ken and Jacky says:

    We met you both at the Adventure Overland Show on Saturday and have enjoyed reading your website.

    All the best with your trip – Go for it!!!

  6. Dave says:

    Hello, just to say my wife and I met you at the show on Saturday after listening to your talk. We wish you all the best and will be following you on your adventure (on the web for now but you have inspired us to have a go), all the very best from us.

  7. Dave & Caroline says:

    Met you both at the show briefly as you were leaving.
    We wish you a safe journey and will watch this space with great interest.

    D&C x

  8. Dave & Caroline says:

    Met you at the show briefly as you were leaving.
    Very best wishes for your journey.
    We’ll watch this space with great interest!

    D&C x

  9. tuggy says:

    hey guys,,,,hope everything is going to plan,,,,will be keeping tabs on you,,,see you soon…..tug.

  10. Jackie says:

    We met you both at the Adventure Overland Show on Saturday and have enjoyed reading your website.
    Hopefully this will give us good insight and help with our journey too in Feb next year. Hope you guys have an amazing journey and lots of love to you both.

    Jackie (SA) and Philip (Falklands)

  11. African GirlChild says:

    Thanks all for your kind words! We hope you continue to enjoy our writings … particularly as we are now onto the adventure!

    • Roy Nykanen says:

      It was so exciting to hear about the preparation for your trip and see you start your epic journey from UK! Hope you have a wonderful time!!!

      • African GirlChild says:

        Roy – thanks for stopping by! It was lovely to meet you at the show – thanks for taking the time to subscribe. I am sure we’ll meet up again! rgds

  12. Good to see you are in Africa at last, cant wait to see what happens next.


  13. johan says:

    Hei takk for sist, hyggelig å treffe dere i Merzouga. Vi er vel hjemme igjen, her har vi -14/15 grader. Møtte masse snø på vei til Marrakech:=)) Jeg skal følge med dere, god tur!

    • Viking Explorer says:

      Hei. Alltid hyggelig aa treffe nordmenn paa tur. Haaper dere hadde fine dager etter at vi moettes, og at Marokko ga mersmak.

  14. Mike and Sue Broadbent says:

    We are really enjoying your blog and all the information you are putting together. We are planning on making the same journey towards the end of 2013, and finding the info on obtaining visas and border crossing experiences very helpful. Looking forward to your next blog.

    Mike and Sue

  15. Anne-Marie and Ad says:

    Hi guys,

    We saw your car at the parking of Etosha Namibia and wrote down your adress.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip! We are back in the Netherlands now.

    Anne-Marie and Ad

    • African GirlChild says:

      Hi there. Thanks for noting down our website and following our adventure! We hope that you enjoyed your time in Etosha – we just loved it!!! rgds

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