Surrounded by family

One of the things that we have missed the most when living in the UK, is that our family are far away.  So, our Easter weekend spent in Onrus continued the immersion in African GirlChild’s family embrace which started in Cape Town (when we stayed with my uncle and aunt, Tim & Margie).

Gavin & Cynthia (yes, more uncles and aunts and Fellow African Explorers) opened their home to us, as well as Therese (Cynthia’s sister).  Onrus is just outside Hermanus – well known for the whale watching later in the year – and is popular for the active retired!  Nope, we couldn’t keep up.

After barely acceptable weather on Good Friday – when we managed to reach Cape Agulhas – Easter Saturday dawned seriously blustery, windy, rainy … everything the Cape of Storms is notorious for!  While Viking Explorer and I were avoiding the worst of weather indoors, Gavin ran the ultra marathon at Two Oceans Marathon, while Cynthia and Therese valiantly supported.  We watched the race on TV while doing our route planning, and savouring hot teas and coffees.  Unfortunately, we did have to brave the weather to buy groceries for the family lunch the following day.

Easter Sunday was a real treat for me – family lunch (with all its idiosyncracies).  My dear Gran – all of 93 and a half – and aunt and uncle, Sarah and Rex (living in Abu Dhabi), plus my twin cousins, Jonathan and Michael (studying in Cape Town), all descended for lunch.  Yes, these affairs are always slightly chaotic, and for those not born with African GirlChild blood flowing in the veins, can be quite daunting.  We enjoyed a deliciously cooked lunch,good catching up on each others lives, and general family time.  We shared some of our trip photos – which I like to think everyone enjoyed.

The African Travel Bug is definitely hereditary, and so we took advantage of the knowledge of our Fellow African Explorers, and had them share their trip photos from separate trips to Zambia and Tanzania in the last few years.  The photos were stunning, and have given us a few more places to add to our itinerary.

We were also introduced to their neighbours,  Paul and Susanne, who are about to depart on their own 3 month adventure up to Uganda via Zambia and back via Mozambique.  We compared notes, and were pleasantly surprised to see that a huge part of their route resembles some of our early thinking on our next stage!  Unfortunately, they are about a month ahead of us, so the logistics of travelling together don’t quite work out.

We finished off the weekend with a fabulous walk in Fernkloof (yes, the weather had improved by Easter Monday) and a most enjoyable game of “treintjie” – a very entertaining variation on traditional dominos, best played with a glass of wine in the other hand.

All in all, a heart-warming weekend – great company, great food and great wine!

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3 Responses to Surrounded by family

  1. Dan says:

    Yes I agree – family and friends make everything better!

    Glad to see you guys back in action again. Ride safe.

    • African GirlChild says:

      Many thanks Dan. Can’t wait to be back on the road! Glad you are safely home after your epic journey!

  2. Vic says:

    Family, warm weather, scenery, travel… See you in Africa very soon…

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