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The journey south

Well, at some point, we knew we would have to point Brodie south and return to South Africa.  We have no interested in tackling Egypt or Syria.  We didn’t see very much of South Africa earlier in the year, and … Continue reading

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Budget Update – Zambia

Our budget for Zambia was almost completely blown out of the water at the border crossing: US$200 lighter, we arrived in Livingstone. The official currency of Zambia is the Zambian Kwacha.  The kwacha isn’t traded outside Zambia, so it isn’t … Continue reading

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Changing money

Banking seems such a mundane task, that I rarely even take notice of the surroundings.  Our last admin before leaving Zambia was to change the last of our kwacha into US dollars or Tanzanian shillings.  Despite being so close to … Continue reading

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It’s in the attitude

After our off road exploration of the Luangwa valley, we made our way towards Kapishya Hot Springs – a place that almost every traveller we have met has said we should visit.  On the way, we passed Shiwa Ng’unda – … Continue reading

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What a surprise!

After crossing the border into Zambia, we very efficiently took care of the chores we had to do: shopping at Shoprite, over to the bank to draw some Zambian Kwacha, into Spar for very last provisions, Highway suprette for coke, … Continue reading

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Towards Malawi

Once again, we needed to keep the wheels turning, this time heading towards the border with Malawi. First, though, we had 2 car issues to sort out. One tyre has had a barely noticeable leak since Morocco.  The rough roads … Continue reading

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South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park is situated in the south east corner of Zambia between the Great East Road to Malawi and the Great North Road to Tanzania. It has a number of lodges in the park, and a good network … Continue reading

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Heading eastwards

After the superb experience of Leopard Hill, the tar road to Luangwa Bridge was a big anti-climax. It is not busy, it is not scenic, and it is not interesting. We arrived at Luangwa Bridge Camp in the early afternoon. … Continue reading

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Leopard Hills

I’m grinning from ear to ear! Today was a super day of driving in Africa (at least the first half). We drove Leopard Hill, a gravel road connecting the Zambezi to the Great East Road in Zambia. We spent last … Continue reading

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Along the lower Zambezi

With a short day ahead of us, we left the shores of Lake Kariba to head further downstream along the Zambezi River.  But first, we joined the border traffic heading for the Chirundu Border Post.  No, we weren’t crossing into … Continue reading

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