The 6 month mark

Another busy week for us – it feels good to be making regular progress.

First up, this week we have reached the 6 months to go mark – 26 weeks until we pack up and head for Dover. It still feels a bit far away, a bit of a dream, not quite real. But, at times when I really stop and think about it, I get a little flutter in my stomach of excitement and anticipation. What will it feel like when we move out of the house, climb into the truck, and head out on this adventure we have been planning for ages …

Back to the practicalities – the chief adventurer collected the vehicle this week. It is exciting to have it back again, and finally start working on the interior storage, not merely drawing designs and postulating ideas. Not one to dally around, he immediately got stuck in. First piece of work – in went the load guard, which divides the inside of the truck at the position which would be behind the back seats (if they were still there).

Both back seats have been removed to make space for a fridge, and we will be putting a smaller Land Rover seat in behind the passenger front seat for guides or other travellers. The centre consol has been changed, and wood purchased for the construction of the interior storage. A start has been made on the bottom layer of storage … before the sleet and snow started!

The sewing machine emerged this week as well. The roof top tent we bought second hand needed some TLC – quite a few tears as a result of previous owners accidentally reversing in under a tree with the tent erect … The fly sheet has now been repaired, with the stitching in of a supporting piece of fabrric underneath and Tenacious Tape applied on top. Looks almost as good as new, feels very sturdy, and should be waterproof (it says so on the box!). Next up, the mosquito net doors need replacing as they are torn. Hopefully this can also be achieved by the head seamstress. The fabric for the seat covers has been washed and dried, so should now be ‘shrunk’ to it’s proper size, and so construction of the seat covers can begin in the coming week.

An exciting week gone, and an exciting week ahead

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