The Big Push

This week, we have to say big thanks! We start off with thanks to Very Helpful Friend who spent the whole of Saturday with us. With his help, we repainted the lounge (well, only 2 walls actually) and also emptied the study, removed shelves and repainted. Having an extra set of hands made this job much easier.

The next thanks is to the Scottish Aussie Twosome who came over to visit on Sunday evening – and brought us dinner! Concerned for our welfare, they ensure we had a good meal. So very kind.

Back to the affairs of the week.

This week has been very busy – unsurprisingly. The week started with my first guest blog being published! I have been a member of “Escape the City” for a while, and had an opportunity to share our story. You can read my contribution here. Very exciting for me. I look forward to sharing our story in other places too.

Our bedroom is fully installed! The correct length bolts have enabled Viking Explorer to secure the tent, and the mattress has found its new home.

The rest of the week has been about making the house empty. We had a relatively successful week with furniture sales, and tomorrow the final items will be listed. As the furniture leaves, the contents sit on the floor – the house is sheer and utter chaos.

We have also been working hard on the admin side – so much paperwork to sort out for the ‘leaving behind’ bits. ?The removals company have been booked in for 3rd October. This is the drop-dead date for getting everything in the right categories: for the trip, for storage or for the tip 😉 The newly painted study will now be our “to be stored” room. ?As with most “3rd bedrooms” it isn’t terribly large, and we have set ourselves a goal of “only half full”. Let us see how it goes.

The ferry is booked! Yes, I know it should have been done ages ago, but revenue management doesn’t seem to be a strong point at the ferry companies … and prices have actually been falling since I first looked! We have come in about £50 cheaper than first check – and that is after a cabin upgrade! (Note to self – potential contract opportunity in there somewhere …).

The embroidery patches have arrived! Hooray! Now I need to stitch them to our designated items … we should be easy to spot at the Adventure Overland Show, as fleece tops will be adorned ?;)

This week we have also been in touch with other overlanders – past, present and future. Vicki of Langebaan Sunset was a great motivator and shared her words of wisdom from their last weeks of preparation. Thanks Vicki. Vikings Across Africa, who are a group of 15 from numerous nationalities, are travelling from Reykjavik to Cape Town in a converted orange Bedford Truck. They depart a few months after us, but have a shorter journey time, so we look forward to meeting them en route (Ghana potentially?). We have also had a few contacts via the Adventure Overland Show, and we look forward to meeting TrundlingJack and TrundlingJenny in Daventry along with many, many others. ?It is so inspiring for us to share our story.

Viking Explorer is now officially a full-time Overland Explorer, as his previous role of Business Analyst has ceased. ?He has immediately thrown himself into his full time role, and progress in the house has increased. For the first time, I actually feel that we may have everything sorted in time! That didn’t, however, stop me having nightmares last night that the movers were coming this week! Yikes.

Anyway, I have only 6 more days at work, and we have 19 days until we leave the house. Time is ticking …

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2 Responses to The Big Push

  1. patrick says:

    Hi Sheelagh
    I am still reading the regular blogs – they are very interesting indeed.
    I have a quick question – will there be a farewell send off gathering or will you all be just driving off into the sunset

  2. African GirlChild says:

    Hi Patrick!
    Thanks for your comment!
    You’ll have to ask the show organisers about what they have in store – but I am sure they won’t be letting us sneak out quietly down to the ferry port 😉 The show details are here – scroll down to the bottom to see our send-off scheduled for 12 noon.
    See you there?
    kind regards

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