The final truth


Disclaimer: extreme tiredness and lack of sleep may impact coherent thought and writing.

So, this is our final week of preparation, and I thought I’d share the mid-week emotions. It would be very easy to tell you how everything has gone to plan, and it has been nothing but sunshine and rainbows all week.

Rather, I thought I’d share the truth of the last few days.

Firstly, the torrential rain towards the end of last week revealed a very ugly truth: while the tent itself is waterproof, the cover of the tent when it is all folded very definitely wasn’t. We discovered to our horror that the mattress was wet, and the mattress cover was soaked through. So, the long process of finding a leak began. (And, drying out the mattress in charming UK weather also started)

Using Duct tape, all visible holes and cracks were sealed. The rain co-operated by giving us another chance to test the water-proofness. A little successful, but largely unsuccessful. More holes and cracks, sought, found and sealed. Another bit of moisture proved we were heading in the right direction … but the Duct tape isn’t actually waterproof, and water was seeping through. Finally, Tenacious Tape was brought to the rescue. This seems to have stopped the major leaks, but we didn’t have very much. More is on order, which really needs to arrive tomorrow. ?(After 3 days, the mattress dried out …)

We continued in the house: sorting, packing, charity shop etc. We unfortunately discovered that, despite the best laid plans, we have a little more to go into the vehicle that we want, or realistically have comfortable space for. We absolutely did not want to start the trip bursting at the seams, because it just makes for frustration is locating items. ?Sigh. Our ‘luxuries’ have obviously meant we need to made other sacrifices. So, the stress this week has been about what still needs to go into the vehicle. We will now have a box of ‘random’ items which will be sorted once we hit Denmark.

Yip, we should have started earlier with the actual packing …

I had my first – and hopefully only – real feeling of wanting to bail on our dream. The lack of sleep, exhaustion, continual decision making have really worn me down. For a few hours, I seriously reconsidered our decision. Seriously thought that giving up our jobs, our house was a crazy idea, and what were we thinking. For a few hours. ?And then I got stuck into the tasks at hand.

Then the reality hit me: dreaming a dream really is the easy part. Having the guts to follow through on a dream …

But it hasn’t all been negative. The movers arrived today and 3 hours later we were standing in an almost empty house. Far from being a stressful experience, it was liberating to watch. And it seems that all our hard work of reducing our belongings, vacuum-packing our clothes has paid off: we reduced our worldly possession to 45 boxes – or 1 transit van. But we have agreed – never again will we own as much as we did.

We moved out of the house earlier in the week, and moved into our friends’ place – the same friends who are fostering our furballs while we are travelling. The furballs have settled into their new home very well (huge relief) and giving ourselves distance from our house is helping us adjust to our new nomadic lifestyle.

We are both exhausted, and looking forward to a few nights of much needed sleep. That may, however, need to wait until we reach Denmark.

(PS – do stop past our Bon Voyage page and leave us a farewell wish!)

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7 Responses to The final truth

  1. Simon Minifie says:

    All the best to the both of you.
    Am rather in awe of what you are doing, but never let those doubts creep in. Keep going and you’ll have an amazing experience and future.
    I would like to say that looking at that picture, Oyvind has put on a few pounds 🙂

  2. M-H says:

    Mais bien sûr que je vous souhaite bonne chance, bon courage et bon voyage….

    Je suis votre aventure tous les jours. Merci de me faire rêver 🙂


  3. Kirsty says:

    It’s normal…. That chilly feeling in the nether regions. You have reached that stage where u just want to go. So like Nike said – Just do it 😉

  4. Dave says:

    Hi, so you are ready for the big off.You both take care and keep well, this is a really great adventure.So take care have a really great time and soak it all up PS look for mother natures light show the Northern lights. Have a great trip.Dave.

  5. Ian says:

    Glad to hear that your not changing your mind.

    All the best and clean fuel all the way!!

    See you at the overland do

    All the best


  6. Anne (TrundlingJenny) says:

    Your dream is about to become reality, you will have wonderful experiences that so many will never have, that thought alone should keep you positive. We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, and even more to experiencing exactly what you have this last week, and we are eager to follow your adventure.


  7. Andy Sparks says:

    Hi Guys,
    was there when you left today. I appreciate you probably have not got far in 10 hours, but all the very best. We will be watching with interest.
    One life………….;.

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