The leaving behind bits

There is another side to all the preparations. ?Most blogs and websites discuss the preparations for the vehicle, the travellers, but there is another important side to preparing for a trip like this – the “leaving behind” bits!

The first part is a major clearout! ?So, this weekend we started gathering together everything that we really don’t want to put into storage – and in 2 weeks time we’ll be taking everything up to the local car boot sale to find new homes. ?Now, let me start by saying, we are not hoarders. ?We have both lived in too many places, in too many countries, to keep gathering items. ?But I am embarrassed and surprised. ?Clearly, 4.5 years in the same house has impacted our non-hoarder traits. ?So far, we have 2 suitcases and 2 large plastic bags of clothes and shoes; 2 boxes of books; and 4 or 5 boxes of other random items. ?This is just items that we aren’t using and unlikely to in the future. ?Frightening. ?We haven’t even reached the items we are currently using but won’t want to put in storage. ?I think it is safe to say that we’ll be doing a second car boot sale before we depart.

Storage for items staying behind is under investigation. ?Self storage it’ll have to be, unless one of our kind friends has loft or garage space for it all 😉

Back to the trip preparation …

Preparing the explorers is an all important activity – so this weekend we attended our first ‘Pay & Play’ day. ?This was mainly for me to continue to be comfortable with handling the vehicle, and Viking Explorer to show me how to handle the more technical challenges. ?To be fair – I am a ‘fraidy cat, so this demanded nerves of steel from me. ?I did well, and became more comfortable with each extra bit of driving we did. ?It was slightly awe inspiring to watch the many others in their ‘play-mobiles’ trying all manner of challenges. ?Definitely another on the cards.

My fun sewing project for the weekend was to turn a pair of baggy mountain biking shorts into something a bit more feminine – a mountain biking skirt! ?Overcoming the geometrical challenge of changing a garment with curves in the design into a curve-less skirt – the skirt is a success. ?I took it for a trial ride, and it is 95% there – a few small design tweaks and it’ll be perfect. ?Now I have something a little more appropriate the wear on our big trip than lycra!

And so, we reach 21 weeks to go … and under 150 days.

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