Three months and counting

It is official – it is 3 months and counting …

It is exciting. ?It is real. ?But above all, we are going to have fun and enjoy ourselves on this trip.

We have been learning a lot about ourselves, and other people too, as we continue to tell people about our adventure. ?We’d love people to see us following our own dream, and be inspired to follow their own dreams – however big or small they may be.

We also want to reassure people that we will be sensible and pragmatic on our trip – we don’t want trouble any more than anyone else does! ?We have some basic rules about not driving at night, using the trusty ‘bush telegraph’ to find out what is going on at ground level, being conscious of general safety and security.

And while we are out there exploring, we hope to meet many people – those who are also travelling, exploring, adventuring, and those who live in communities we will be passing through along the way. ?We want to live in 3D colour and break out of 2D black & white! ?We want to feel alive! ?Make sense?

There is a creeping sense of so much to do and so little time, that we have just had to get going. Items that need purchasing … well, let’s get ‘em purchased! ?(Subject to credit card exploding …) ?So this week has been a rather productive week:

– our fridge has been ordered: ?a National Luna Weekender 50l which has the ‘luxury’ of a freezer compartment.
– new vehicle batteries ordered (absolutely great customer service – please see our links page)
– the aerial order got lost, and then was found again (less impressive customer service)
– MOT booked for the vehicle

Viking Explorer also spent a bit of time getting to grips with Google Maps this week – he is very much still in learning phase, but we have maps for Europe and Africa.  He’ll be experimenting and discovering functionality more in the coming weeks.

Very Helpful Friend is coming over in 2 weeks time to give some expert assistance on the vehicle (he has the Big tools!!). He always injects common sense into the conversations, asks the tough questions, and provides impartial advice. He is also infinitely more knowledgeable than both of us combined when it comes to vehicles!

Anyway, we are taking a week of R&R – something that we have discovered is essential during our preparations. It feels rather intense to be living, breathing, thinking about the trip all the time, and does become mentally and emotionally draining. So, this week we’ll just relax, recharge, rejuvenate and return refreshed to continue the preparations.

And so, time marches rushes on …

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