Trying to be a carpenter

So, this week the seamstress tried her hand at carpentry – with guidance! Overall, I did OK. My project: to create one of the wooden drawers for the second level of our drawer system. Hubby had very kindly already cut all the pieces I needed, I just needed to drill holes and screw it all together. And yes, it sounded pretty easy to me too! Anyway, it took me a good few hours, and hubby only needed to re-cut 2 pieces after I made a bit of a boo-boo. But, I managed, and the drawer has already had its first coat of varnish!

The second level for the drawer system is coming along nicely – it fits perfectly, and has already had its first coat of varnish. Now that we can see the 2 levels together, we have a better idea of the storage space on either side of the system, and will be looking at how to use that more efficiently.

Other work: the vehicle went in to have a tiny bit of rust around the rear windows treated. It looks much better now, and should be good for a few thousand miles. The water tank has also arrived, and hubby will be collecting it in the coming week.

The seamstress will be resuming work in the coming week, having secured necessary supplies, and temporarily hung up her drill. The cycling skirt is coming along well, and a few more pouches (for chargers) need to be constructed.

Events in Africa are followed continuously. ?While Nigeria has quietened down a bit (or rather, not making the news headlines as much) Mali has become unstable. ?From what I can gather, most land borders to other countries have now been closed. ?While it is still a long time until we reach Mali in our journey (approx 10 months from now) we are starting to look at alternative routes.

And so, we are at 20 weeks to go!

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