Two months to go

I can’t quite believe it – 2 months until we head off to live our dream! We are actually enjoying our preparations – of which there is still quite a bit. OK – quite a lot. To say we are distracted at work is an understatement. Every Monday I experience a culture shock: back behind a desk, toiling away at a computer on work that feels mundane in comparison to the long list of items on my ‘To Do’. It seems so removed from the weekend of activity: creating, sorting, ordering, crossing-off. Not long to go.

So what have we been up to this week?

Well, we again fell ‘victim’ to the Olympics. We were fortunately to have tickets to handball, and spent a memorable day in the Olympic Park, watching sport, wandering around an soaking up the electric atmosphere. A bit more volunteering to continue our Olympic experience.

Our house went on the market last weekend to find tenants for while we are away. So, the first part of the week was spent turning our Adventure HQ back into a bedroom to convince viewers that you can actually fit a bed and wardrobe into the chaos! We were rewarded for our efforts – from the 4 viewings we had, 2 expressed interest, and we have given the go-ahead on one. Gratitude must be expressed to the estate agent for their service.

We are getting closer to installing our bedroom. The roofrack and new mattress have both been paid for, and should be delivered in the coming week.

The carpenter and seamstress have been hard at work over the weekend. Lots of pictures for everyone to enjoy! The design of the third level in the interior storage make significant progress this weekend: frame plus 2 drawers built and the first coat of varnish applied.

The third layer is only half the depth. This gives space for 3 wolf boxes at the bottom. All the remaining space (on top of the wolf boxes and in front of the third level) will no doubt be very useful for whatever hasn’t found a home yet: soft bags, boxes of fruit etc.

The other significant design modification is the right hand side of level 1: the 2 wolf boxes have been removed, and replaced by a full size drawer at the back, and a shallow drawer with space for the cooker on top. The back drawer will make a perfect larder (any tin cans and other food stuff) that don’t need daily access. The shallow drawer has a divider for my spice rack (special anniversary present from Viking Explorer), and guides on the lid to keep the cooker in place.

The sewing machine has also been in good use this weekend. First up, a cover for the braai / BBQ grid. This should help prevent any grease and grime from being spread on other items in the vehicle.

Then, it was time to recycle Viking Explorer’s old work jeans into something functional for the trip.

So, the bottom piece of one of the legs was turned into yet another pouch.

The rest of the jeans were turned into a carrier bag – useful for avoiding plastic bags when we go shopping! I have more jeans from a friend, so time and priorities permitting, I would like to create another. After not having broken a needle in years, I managed 3 in a weekend! The sewing machine worked hard …

Other odds and ends have been ordered: vacuum storage bags, telescopic poles for tarpaulin.

The carnet application has been completed and submitted. There seem to be comments that the processing has lengthened to 6 weeks, so we hope we’ll be able to sort ours in time.

Aside from our long list, this coming week will have a big focus on visas – particularly where we need to obtain which ones! This appears to be an intricate strategic game in itself.

And so we are a mere 9 weeks to go. This time in 63 days, we’ll have had our send off from the Adventure Overland Show and be sitting on the ferry to Esbjerg in Denmark.

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  1. Vic says:

    wow, guys, this is sounding really good. amazing that you found time to go to the Olympics.
    i’m sure we can give you some more jeans if you need them… 🙂
    will need to visit you guys to see for ourselves what you’ve done.

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