Visits in Jozi

After months on the road, we are quite enjoying the modern conveniences – a “normal” bed, a roof over our heads, our own bathroom, hot running water and internet access!  Our definition of luxury has changed over the year – it is incredible how easy it is to keep us happy now 😉

It is carnet renewal time.  From the UK travellers we have met on the road, we have learned about changes that have taken place in the RAC this year on the road.  The people we dealt with last year in the issuing of the carnet are no longer there, and it certainly feels like there has been a bit of tightening up of the issuing.  That said, so far I have found them to be reasonably efficient in email correspondence, and I have only had to call them twice so far, once about the delivery address and once to pay.  However, the strictness has been felt in that they won’t send the new carnet until we are inside 2 weeks until the old one expires, and the overlap between old and new carnets is … well … only 1 day.  Sadly, that only gives us 1 specific day that we can sort this out, and that specific day happens to be a Saturday.   More updates as this progresses.

Our flag stickers for the vehicle have arrived!  I engaged the help from Viking Explorer, and we spent some time taking off our large flags and replacing them with medium flags.  This freed up space for all the small country flags, as well as leaving gaps for new countries!  We are very happy with how it has all turned out, and realise – visually – how much we have travelled.

We have also been caught up in a whirlwind of visitors!  The first to arrive was family from the UK – my brother and sister-in-law and newest addition to African GirlChild’s family clan.  I had a fabulous few days to play aunt.

The Bulgarians arrived in full force!  Although my dear friend Borislava didn’t make it out, her son, her brother and her father did.  I take my hat off to the youngster taking his uncle and father on his Gap Year trip.

My aunt and uncle made the journey from Cape Town, and a lovely evening was spent recreating a mock Christmas Eve meal … at least, it felt like Christmas Eve to Viking Explorer as we had a delicious roast pork, which is traditional Norwegian Christmas food in the Viking Explorer household.

Our hard work – well, Viking Explorer mainly – has continued to the creation of Fact Sheets from every country that we visited, as well as an accompanying GPS waypoint file.  Please do have a look at he “Downloads” page, and feel free to download and use.

Viking Explorer also completed all the border crossing information from each of the borders that we crossed. Please have a look a the “Border Crossings” page for the relevant information.

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