Wonderful Wassadou

Campement Hotel de Wassadou

Paradise exists.  It is on the banks of the Gambia River at Campement Hotel de Wassadou.

After leaving the market, we drove the short 60km to Wassadou.  It was a relief to have a short day of driving, after what has felt like a week of long hot days in the car.  On the way, we spotted yet another vulture – new species this time (Hooded Vulture) to complement the 2 of the previous day.

Soon, we left the main road, and wound our way between palm trees and other lush vegetation – to arrive in “north of the equator” paradise.

Wassadou overlooks the Gambian River – with chairs and hammocks strategically positioned for the best views.  It has numerous bungalows nestling under the trees, but we set up our spot amongst the enormous trees.  So peaceful.  This was to be our rest stop for a few magic days – both before and after our excursion to Niokolo-Koba National Park.

We continue to meet interesting people on our journeys.  There were a few birding groups that came through – taking advantage of the wide variety of birds in and around Wassadou.  And never fear – there were 2 Norwegians too!  They aren’t a particularly populous nation, but seem to be spread very thinly over the whole planet 😉  There were also some overlanders coming through.  A French couple stayed a brief night (arriving late and leaving early) on their way to Guinea.  Another 2 big trucks (Germand and Dutch) arrived – having come through Mali at speed!  They were just about to complete a clockwise circuit of Africa.  They gave us lots of good information about the west coast from South Africa northwards – much to make us think about our own plans.

One morning we got up early – in the dark! – to do a boat trip in the early morning.  We had to start earlier than preferred, but we were rewarded with watching the sunrise over the River Gambia.  It was absolutely stunning!  With just the 2 of us and the captain, we wound our way lazily up the river, stopping to look at birds and animals on the bank, before returning back to the pier.

A truly fabulous place to visit!

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  1. Georges "Chibani" says:

    We love to be with You.
    Elle est pas belle la vie !!!
    What’s up

    You are on the good way


  2. tuggy says:

    wow beautiful pics looks amazing…..are you feeling better now…..enjoy….

  3. Looks wonderful!

    (BTW, try Disqus for comments on your blog – it’s easier for people to identify themselves)

  4. patrick says:

    Still following your progress with great interest – and the photos too

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